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Friday, November 12, 2004

well, i changed my site around, but still kept my rurouni kenshin theme! i finally figured out the code broken kokoro gave me. i guess i'm a little slow to have taken so long :p

tell me what u guys think. i wasnt sure what color to make the text, so tell me if its hard to read ok!

well, school today wasnt so bad. like i said yesterday, we got thursday off instead of friday. instead of getting a 3-day weekend, we got off thursday, had to lug ourselves back into the school schedule just to go back to weekend. kinda stupid huh?

nothing important really happened today except i got a C on the math test! even the most stupid boys got like perfects. well, i guess theyre not really stupid, but just act like it to get an 100% on their tests. i'm gonna correct it back up to a B. well, rather than that, today was pretty routine. we watched a movie in history (which was totally boring). we can bring candy to that class so i just brought a bunch and ate the whole time. everyone around me kept on asking for some. i had a lot so why not? even though i've had more fun, today was still ok. well, anyway, a pic!

i had this pic on my site a long time ago! i miss it so i'm putting it back up for a while!

Heres a link to where I got it from:
Kumo No Su

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

well, i didnt post yesterday. after u read this post, you'll know why.

well, nothing big happened in 1st and 2nd period.

3rd period gym, we played volleyball again. i guess my team was in a bad mood or something because usually when u mess up, its not that big of a deal, but yesterday they were all fighting and cussing at each other. well, not at me, but at each other. i was already nervous enough because i had to make a presentation in 2 hours! their bickering didnt help.

4th period, we moved our seating chart. for some reason, Ms. Johnson put all the class clowns right next to each other. theyre in like one big clump in the middle of the room. theyre gonna be talking and messing around like crazy. oh well, at least that class might be a little interesting.

well, 5th period, i had my presentation. i was so nervous! i was scared i was gonna go over the time limit or forget my speech or that everyone would think my prop was stupid. it ended up that if my presentation had been 10 second longer, i wouldve gone over the time limit. everyone clapped when i was done, so i guess they liked me!

in 6th period, we had another presentation, but this time we were in groups. for like a week, we've been doing this group project where we had to pick one of the 13 original colonies and make a theme park about some of the historical facts in it. we did pennsylvania and named ours "Pennsylvania Mania". Only one other group did Pennsylvania in our class and guess who it was. That one guyfriend I was telling u about. Now it turned into a battle to see who'd get the better grade.
Anyway, this presentation wasnt even half as nerve-wracking. For one, I wasnt alone, we didnt have to memorize anything, and just because the whole time, we were just having fun. As soon as we got to the podium to make our presentation (while we waited for Mr. Pool to get ready, we started joking around). Our map looked horrible too. We had this Gettysburg fun house that was shaped like a soldier, and for some reason, one of my friends drew a beard on it. When Mr. Pool saw it, he was like "Is it leprechaun soldier (we colored it green). Where is its Lucky Charms because we all know its magically delicious!" It was funny. The whole class started cracking up.

Anyway, we got a 50 out of 50! We beat the other Pennsylvania group by 2 points! Go us!

Well, after school, I went to volunteer to help one of my teachers. Everyone showed up and we all started joking around, it was fun. Well, I got home at like 5:15 and at 6:00 we left to go to PSR (its like a thing u go to after school on Wednesdays and they teach u about the bible and stuff. Anyone whos a Christian and gets Confirmation and stuff has to go). I like it since I know a lot of people from school. Anyway, by the time I got back, it was almost 8 so i decided to just wait to post today.

Well, I just finished reading Fruits Basket Vol. 2! It was awesome! Momiji's so cute! Not only is there cuteness, but cross-dressing, and romance! How could u not want to read it? I loved it! Anyway, if u're still reading, have a cookie! *holds out plate of cookies* Byes! First a pic! It was in Fruits Basket 2, so I decided to post it! It has both Momiji and Hatori in it!

p.s. like most people, we have the day off for veteran's day! yay! it wouldve been better if we got friday off, but i dont really care. anyway, byes again!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2004

hey guys!
well, today was ok. it started off a little badly.

1st period: we had a substitute. he said he used to be apart of the military. he claimed to be the head of the squad who was in charge of all the bombing. what great accomplishments, going from military leader to a substitute teacher! he was teaching us how to set off bombs and stuff. it was kinda weird!

2nd period: we watched a movie called "october sky". its about rockets and stuff, but at the same time, its kinda interesting. that one guy who used to go out with kirsten dunst was in it! i cant remember his name! thats gonna keep me up tonight! urgh!

3rd period (where it got bad): that loser kid beat me in a challenge again. i tried to get my 2nd chair back, but lost. i so beat him, but i guess Mr. Keys doesnt like me because i keep on losing! last time was even more of a cheat! everyone knew i won, it was such a cheat! oh well, i'm just gonna let that loser keep the stupid seat. hes obviously better than me since hes beat me twice! i thought i was an ok player, but i guess i'm even worse than that loser which makes me a double loser!

well, let me skip to 6th period (where my day got good): we finished up the group project we're doing which is due tomorrow (it was gonna be due today, but Mr. Pool extended the date). At the end of class, we got to go talk to our friends. Well, that guyfriend I told u guys about before (the one I joke a lot with) called his friend over to sit by him so they could hang out. Then, he and his friend decided it would be fun to throw eraser pieces at us. Once, he hit me right in the forehead! If I were as immature as him, I would've thrown one right back at him! But I have to admit, theyre both kinda cute ^_~

anyway, i got 1000 hits yesterday! yay! sunday i got 200 gbook signings and monday I get my 1000 hit! what a great week for me on myO! well, i'll c ya guys later!

p.s. i dont think i'm gonna have time to visit sites. i have 2 projects due tomorrow that i have a lot to do for!

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Monday, November 8, 2004

hey everybody!
well, today was pretty routine. yesterday, i watched the first inuyasha movie! yay! i'm so happy! i've been wanting to watch it for a while. i loved it!

i also bought the second volume of the fruits basket manga when we went to the mall saturday. we saw the first 8 dvds of ranma, but it was $80. it'd be cheaper than buying all the mangas but even if my sis and i split it, it'd be like 40 a piece and i only have $57. oh well, next time.

nothing happened at school thats worth talking about except the fact i have like 3 projects due. 1 is due tomorrow and the other 2 are due wednesday! i hate this! i better get them finished today. well, no more to say! time for your pic!

my good friend kagome12345678910 drew this for me! thanx! i luv it!

oh yeah! i got my 200th gbook signing yesterday! this is to thank u guys!

well, c ya guys later! byes!

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Sunday, November 7, 2004

well, its a little late (its 10 pm here), but i decided to post a chapter. it'll be here tomorrow so u guys can read it thenif u dont read it tomorrow. if u havent already, read the first chapters! theres a link to them on the beginning of my site! well, time to get started!

Chapter Twelve
Aishiteru's Grief

Aishiteru didn't waste her time with words, she began to hurry towards Aunt Kiori's house. Her injured leg hurt worse than ever, but she ignored it, only thinking of her best friend and her little brother. Tai and Skye caught up with her and tried to convince her not to rush so much, but she didnt listen. "I'm worried too, but we've got to think rationally. Hurting your leg more than it already is won't help us," Skye coaxed. "I cant let Chie or Kero be hurt!" Aishiteru replied, continuing her search. She pushed past the boys and began to move quicker. "Shes so stubborn," Skye grumbled. "Well, thats one of the many things that make Teru who she is," Tai smiled. Skye just shrugged and tried to catch up to her.
Soon, the 3 made their way to Aunt Kiori. Aishiteru immediately began to look through her mostly-burnt home to find even a trace of her friends. Skye and Tai watched solemnly, knowing that there was no way they couldve survived.
"Why arent u guys helping? We've gotta find them!" Aishiteru exclaimed. "Teru, I dont know how they couldve made it. The fire must've been really quick for it to burn and go out in the little while we were gone. It was probably too quick for... them to escape," Skye told her. "No! They cant be dead! They must be somewhere around here!" Aishiteru cried, running into Skye's arms. She began to sob in Skye's embrace.
'They cant be gone,' Aishiteru thought, refusing to believe, 'Where could they be though? Maybe they r really gone. I guess I'm just gonna have to admit it.' Then, Aishiteru began to hear Chie's voice in the far distance. 'Now, I'm imagining her too! Am I going insane?' Aishiteru pondered. The voice grew louder and louder. 'Whats going on?' Aishiteru brooded. She opened her eyes and looked around. Her heart lifted when she spotted Chie racing towards her. Aunt Kiori was trailing behind. Aishiteru ripped out of Skye's arms and started to sprint towards Chie.
"Youre alive!" Aishiteru exclaimed, happily embracing her friend. "We're really lucky we made it out! We'd barely left the house before the fires started," Chie replied.
Skye and Tai caught up with the girls. "What happened?" Tai inquired. "Well, Kiori-sama and I decided to go pick up some snacks and a movie or two. We assumed u guys would be gone for a while, so we'd need some way to keep ourselves busy. We left for like 10 minutes and came back and the whole neighborhood was in flames. Only minutes later, the fire subsided though, but what was odd that we couldn't find a single survivor. It seems, that we were the only people who made it!" Chie explained. "Thats weird," Skye pondered out loud. "What?" Aishiteru questioned. "The place bursts into flames out of nowhere, but extinguish in minutes. Even so, no one can survive. If the fire was only for a few minutes, some people shouldve made it. How did they go out anyway? There dont seem to have been any firefighters," Skye answered. "Youre right," Aishiteru responded. "Are there anymore details that might help us find out whats up?" Skye quizzed. "Nope," Chie retorted. "Aunt Kiori, do u remember anything?" Tai asked. Aunt Kiori shook her head. "Kero?" Aishiteru asked. There is no reply. Aishiteru glanced around to find that Kero's nowhere in sight. "Wheres Kero?" Aishiteru inquired. Chie gazed down at her shoes. "He..." she began. "He what?" Aishiteru demanded. "Well, he fell asleep only a few minutes after u guys left. When we went out for the errands, we left him to sleep. We assumed we'd be back in no time anyway," Chie answered. "That means... he was at home when the fires started!" Aishiteru exclaimed. "He cant be dead!" "Teru-chan, I'm sorry," Chie apologized. "Theres nothing to apologize for, hes not dead," Aishiteru refused. "You have to stop denying it. You know its the truth," Chie remarked. "No! Its not!" Aishiteru yelled. "I agree with Teru," Skye commented. "Youre in denial too?" Chie asked. "I dont think hes dead. I dont think anybody died in this fire. It was all a plan," Skye replied. "Whoever this gang is, is trying to trick us. They caught the place on fire and they extinguished it too." "That sounds pointless," Tai remarked. "Before they extinguished it, they got everybody out and brought them somewhere. The fire was just a cover-up so everyone would think everyone died," Skye explained. "Thats not likely; everyone dying. At least one family or at least one person would make it. The extinguished it quickly so the firefighters wouldnt come and find out something weird was going on." "That makes sense and that would mean that Kero's not dead!" Chie remarked. "Are you sure its true though?" "I'm willing to believe anything that means Kero's not dead," Aishiteru replied.
"Well are we gonna sit here or are we gonna save Kero and the others?" Tai declared. "Yeah! Let's get going!" Aishiteru commented. "Come on!" She began to set off. "Where do u think youre going?" Skye asked. "I'm going to save my little brother," Aishiteru answered. "No, youre going to stay here with my aunt and Chie-san," Skye declined. "What? I've gotta help!" Aishiteru replied. "Youve gotta heal first," Tai agreed. "What? Youre on his side too?" Aishiteru demanded. Tai and Skye nodded. "Fine," Aishiteru reluctantly agreed. "I'll stay." "Good. Aunt Kiori, please take care of her," Skye stated. "I sure will. Just make sure to bring back Kero and Yume!" Aunt Kiori answered. Skye nodded and set off, Tai following close behind.
Skye and Tai made their way closer and closer to the demon aura. "I'm just glad that Teru decided not to be stubborn for once," Tai remarked. "Yeah, it'd be horrible and way too dangerous if she had come," Skye agreed. "I just hope u dont hold me down." "Lets see whos holding who down when we get there," Tai grumbled.
Little did the guys know, that they were being followed as Aishiteru trailed close behind, hidden in the shadows.

Well, thats where I'm ending it! Full Metal Alchemist is about to start so I better get going! Byes!

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Friday, November 5, 2004

well, today we had school off because of parent-teacher conferences. i dont even know if my mom went. oh well. i didnt get much done today except playing more of FFX-2. we defeated the boss we were stuck on. well, i know i've been neglecting my story, so i'll make sure to write an extra good chapter tomorrow! if u havent already, check out my story. theres a link to it at the beginning of my site ok?

i won these in Lie74's caption contest. it was my first i ever entered and i won first! yay! yes, only 3 people entered, but i'm still glad i won!

[Edit] oh yeah, before i go, thanx everyone for taking that survey yesterday! i liked all your answers! they were all so nice!

i forgot a picture before too! well, heres some original anime! byes!

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Thursday, November 4, 2004

   i've had a good day!
well, by subject, i guess u know i'm having a good day! at least so far.

school was an early dissmissal, so all of our classes were 10 minutes shorter.

well, all the exciting things that happened today had mostly to do with this boy. we're like really cool friends. we joke around a lot and its cool.
in gym, my volleyball team was up against his and he was talking all this trash. we ended up beating them by like 15 to 5 in the first game we played. in the 2nd game they won 15 to 14. i had lots of fun. its hard to explain us. we like insult each other (jokingly of course) but at the same time we both know that we're really good friends (even though we've never like said so).

in history, we had fun. not only him, but with my other friends in there. we split into 4-people groups and we have to make a theme park out of historical events from one of the 13 original colonies. we have a declaration of independance ride, a liberty bell ride, stuff like that. he and his group r doin pennsylvania like us too! now its like a battle to see who gets the better grade.
well, after working in our groups, Mr. Pool just passed out candy. he like threw it out into the class and people would like dive for it and try to get it. it was fun.

well, we also got our report cards back! i got straight As! go me!

a quick little survey for my friends!
1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Do you have a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
7. Describe me in one word.
8. What was your first impression [of me]?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When's the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you?
16. What song are you listening to right now?
17. Do you love me?

well, i got to go! before i take my leave, a pic!

dragonball z! goku looks so cute with gohan. well, byes!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2004

bush won! i cant believe it! i dont know why u'd vote for him! we have to go another 4 years with this meanie!

i saw this on Shanny's site. i hope she wont mind if i borrow it! (it does say to pass it on)

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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

like the new theme?
well, i have a new theme! rurouni kenshin! hope u guys like it.

i wanted to put up a background pic, but the code didnt work! i dont know what i did wrong! oh well. for now, i'll just keep it like this. i'm too tired to fix it. last night my lil sisters brought their friend over and they decided to ransack my bedroom! i had to clean the whole place up by myself. my mom was all like, "theyre babies" and junk like that. ones almost 8 and the others almost 6! theyre old enough to know not to do stupid things like that. oh well.

well, heres your pic!

isnt this funny? i luv it. well, c ya guys later!

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Monday, November 1, 2004

well, nothin important happened today so i'll just tell u about my trick-or-treating yesterday!

it was fun! i went with my younger sisters, my older sister, and my older sister's friend. none of us really had costumes. i just found my old dress from last year (it was a witch's costume, but it was all short since it was old. so i said i was a sexy sorceress ^_~) my sister and her friend just put on plaid skirts and shirts and went as school girls, but mid-way decided to switch to punk-rockers. whatever

we went all around the neighborhood. we probably walked like 4 miles or so. my feet hurt like crap afterwards. i for some reason didnt wear socks, so i cut my foot on my shoe. by the time i noticed the cut, it'd already bled and dried. then, there were rocks in my shoe, it was horrible! rather than that, i had loads of fun!

we went to some strange houses. one woman was wearing like this black,tight jumpsuit and a cowboy hat and said she liked our "costumes". ^_^

some other kids who used to go to our school (theyre freshmans in high school now) answered the door to their house and like leapt out scaring us! i screamed! my sister was like, "i know u! youre li'l nick!" that probably wasnt his name. shes such a loser sometimes (most of the time).

at this other house, this old man came out in this pirate costume and was pointing a sword at us (it was fake of course).

at our last house some woman said for us to take as much as we wanted because she didnt think anyone else was coming. we took a bunch and were about to leave when she was like yelling us to take the rest. we took more and her son was about to leave with the little bit left and she like yelled, "WHAT R U DOING? GIVE THEM MORE!" it was creepy!

we were walking home exhausted and some losers threw a water balloon at us. theyre lucky it missed cause if it didnt i wouldve been on them in a second! i didnt even realize what is was until like 20 seconds later though. ^_^ well, i still had fun!

one more thing before i go, now that halloweens done, what do u guys think i should use as my new theme? it doesnt have to be in my list on favs. just dont say inuyasha for 2 reasons: 1. there r lots of people with inuyasha themes. 2. there r so many inuyasha stuff to put on my site, i wouldnt know what to put!

well, i'll be waiting for your suggestions! before i go, a picture!

.hack i 've never watched the show, but i have the game and i luv it! well, byes!

p.s. i got 900 hits a few days ago so i made this to thank u all!

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