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Thursday, December 6, 2007



Well, I'm sure that some of you guys here in america heard about that shooting here in Omaha. I was in chemistry and this kid's dad in my class called him and told him. So, we turned on the news and watched.

It is, indeed, kind of freaky. Though, it didn't happen at the mall that I usually go to. Still, I don't know if my mom is ever going to let me go to the mall by myself ever again. XD

I'm relaly not looking forward to tomorrow. I bet you in every class we'll talk about it and I'll hear it in the hallways five million times. *head, desk* Yeah, it's sad but, my god, my dad has had the news on since he got home. I'm surprised that the news casters haven't keeled over from talking for five hours straight.

But, other then that freaky crap, I got my birdies and stuff done for my Deidara cosplay. I should have taken the time to let all the paint dry before I glazed it but, I'm impatient and didn't. >.< oh well... And right now my computer is being a biatch and won't let me transfer my pictures from my camera. so...you get now pictures. T.T

It's supposed to snow tonight. ...I hope it does.

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