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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

   Such a bad day...


Ugh...I have such a bad cold...thing. My head hurts, my throat hurts to the point where I can't talk right and it looks like I'm on drugs because one of my eyes is red.

I didn't want to go to school today but, if I didn't, I couldn't go to my orchestra concert and its worth 100 points. Soooo...yeah...

I have to stay here at school till 5:00 and then I get to go home for an hour and a half and eat/get ready and then come back for the concert. yay... Actually, I'm really not looking forward to staying here at school for that long. We have to rehearse all that time and the lights on the stage made my head hurt this morning and also, all the middle schoolers are comming up so theres going to be so much noise.

After the concert though, I'm going to go walk through Scary Acres. yay!

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