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Thursday, May 24, 2007



Yes, dreaded finals. Actually, I'm not too freaked about any of them. I can basically fail all of them and still pass my classes. Haha. Except for math...I have a D in that class.

Yea, I have like, 4 A's, 3 b's and a D. It's kinda funny looking on my report card thing. it's like, A, b,a,a,b,d,b. hah... :P

Anyway...School, for me, gets out next wednesday. I hate my school district. Of all the districts around us, we go back the earliest and get out the latest. I said the other day we might as well have year round school haha. Like, next year, we're schedualed to get off June 2nd. neeehhh....

But, i'm happy because I get to go to my first anime con!! yay!!! XD dorky me...

weeeelll...thats it. For those of you guys in high school in stuffs, how did you do on finals? And who's all graduating(ed)? :D

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