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Monday, May 14, 2007



There is actually something else other then Naruto fan art on the featured art section!! A-mazing!!! XD

Don't get me wrong, Naruto is a great anime. or atleast...it was great till it came over to america. Its kinda too big like... Inuyasha and DBZ now. It takes the fun out of everything. Sorry for all the Naruto fans but, it's kinda true. I still like it though, just not as much as I did when I first started reading the manga. :P

I'm eating a drumstick... ya know like...the ice cream cone... It's very hard to type with one hand. XD

Yea, last time, I put "Pop and Circumstance" rather than "Pomp and Circumstance" ...oops. XD

Anyway...lifes been...interesting. Drama, school, ya know...regular teenage crap. :P How have you all been?

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