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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

   Roleo and Julio


We started our Romeo and Juliet unit in English the other day. And I accidently said Roleo and Julio. :| We're watching the original movie while we read the book. Actually, we're listening to a tape in class and reading a long with the book but thats besides the point. :D

I'm finally passing Algebra!!! I have a D!!! YAY!!! XD I've had an F for like...forever. So hopefully, I won't have to take algebra next year and go on to geometry. yay...

My friend Ema made Junior Varsity choir today at lunch. It kinda got me thinking that I'd like to join choir. But I'd have to change my whole schedual for next year so, I might just stick to orchestra for my only music course. (yes...I'm in orchestra... :D)

Talking about orchestra, for graduation, were playing Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and Return of the King. We also are playing The Star spangled banner and Pop and Circumstance like any graduation would. 'Sept, there is 500 graduating seniors this year so we have to repaet like..160 bars of Pop and Circumstance like... 8 times. It is so annoying... >.< I'm not looking forward to that part. But I am excited to play Pirates and Lord of The Rings.

Ema is staying at my house for the rest of the week. Her mom and sister went down to Chicago to watch a Cubs game. And she doesn't want to stay at home with her dad and other sister so shes staying here. lol. I don't blame her. :D

And umm.... I got a 58/60 on my Spanish exam. which is like...a 96 or something. And we where practicing for our writing exam and my teacher was checking over what we wrote and he didn't have anything to correct on my paper of what I wrote up to that point. So hopefully, I'll do good on that. Maybe even pull my grade up from 88% to somewhere in the 90's. that would be cool. :D

I think thats it...so...bye bye! :)

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