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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

   New computer and Algebra


So, my computer was having some major problems the last couple weeks. So, my parents ordered a new one. A $2,300 one. ...yea, I think it was completly unneccisary to get one that cost that much but, it's really nice. A not to mention big. The tower stands like, right about to my knees and it like i don't know...huge... :P

Today I was happy. I don't know why. Probably cuz I got my math homework done for once and I actually know what I'm doing. My homeroom teacher set me up with a tutor yesterday. And I really didn't like the guy that was trying to teach me. He kinda freaks me out. But, he didn't know how to do anything so we went up to his geometry teacher and he taught me. And now, I understand almost everything. So...I'm happy. :D

I think I might go to and anime convention with my freind Terra. My mom said she might be able to pay for the 3-day pass. So...yay!! Haha. Terra is going to be Gaara. And I think I'm gunna help her make the gourd thingy when she gets the material. And then at the convention, I'm going to probably carry the thi9ng the whole time, (so says terra. Haha) so I'm gunna wear a name tag that says "Official Gourd Carrier". XD I'm going to be L from Death Note because I'm lazy and poor. XD

A lot of my art projects have been put up on display in the library. So has Terra's and Kelsey's. Yay! haha...

Nothing else has really been happening. so...bye bye.. :)

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