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Friday, April 13, 2007

   Sports Authority fun


My brother had to get his pants and things for baseball, and my neighboor came with. And while my brother was trying on different sizes of pants and stuff, me and Nick were playing on the tread mills, the little bike things, and the weight machines. Nick fell off one of the tread mills. Like, you know how if you stop you go backwards and slip off? Thats what he did. It was really funny.

Then I found a dumbbell that weighed 45 pounds and I was like...oh my god... it's heavy! So I gave it to Nick to hold. He almost dropped it. (The dumbell was about half of what he weighes! He only weighs like, 80 pounds. XD)

All my brothers stuff ended up costing $149. Freakin' crazy. I asked my mom if we could go to the mall so I could get a shirt with my money from easter and she was like, no. Connor's already going to be late for practice. sooo...i didn't go. :P

But we did go to Kmart cuz my mom needed to get a perscription and stuffs. So me and nick and connor were jackin' around. Like, I found this plaid hat and I was running around the store. XD

And I got grillz. XD Okay so, I asked my mom if I could whiten my teeth and she said we could try so I got the little tray thingys but, it's the off-brand kind so they arn't clear. They're blue so when I put them on I walked out of the bathroom and said, "I got myself some grillz!" XD

And then right after I had those in I had chinese. XD Sept the stuff I got was really plain tasting and gross so I stole some of my dad's food. XD

Anyway...My computer at home is completley toast. I couldn't even run it for 5 minutes this morning without some blue screen coming up that says something like, Windows has shut down. There was a potential error and yadda yadda... It's gay. :P

So I don't know if I'll be able to update for a while or not. Sometimes it lets me on, sometimes not. But I'll try everyother day when I'm in this computer class. :)

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