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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

   computer class is so boring...


Yea, I'm here in my computer class and I'm about to die...It is soo boring. I think right now my teacher is giving everybody time to finish the assignment from last time. And she said five minutes to work on it but it's been like...10. :P

Anyway, yea, that question last time was seriously silly. And the answer was Don was in the kitchen. Yea, silly. whatever. :P

My Gran broke her ankle the other day and me and my dad went to go help her clean and stuff last night. And oh...my god. My aunt thinks for whatever reason, it's a good idea to take my little cousins over for her to watch. And those kids are like a hurricane. The kitchen had mud on the floor, there was cat little from the cat litter bag in the living room. And outside there was chalk sticks laying all over the back patio and they broke one of my gran's flower pots so there was pot pieces everywhere.

I ended up vacumming the cat litter up. And then I did the dishes because they were plilling up pretty bad. Then I made the kids help me pick up the back yard. The older one, Collin, who's like...5, helped me pick up everything. But, the little one, Ireland, who's 3 was yelling at me that I was "Taking her gold away" when I was picking up the pieces from the broken pot. ... I don't understand little kids.

Then my uncle came and picked them up and I cleaned the kitchen floor and then watered all my Gran's plants. And my god...she has a butt load of plants. I filled up a huge hawaian punch bottle thingy three times before I was done. Geesh...

I was talking to my Gran and she said that a bunch of people are going to come and replace her front porch and clean the carpet in the downstairs. Now, you got to understand something before you get why I feel bad for the people from the church. My gran's cats don't go in the litter box usually. And a couple of them have claimed the downstairs as their bathroom. And they have been doing this for so long that everything has soaked into and through the carpet to the baseboards. And it smells horrible down there.

So, I feel really bad for who ever is going to clean the carpet.

Hopefully, if I need to go back tonight, my cousins arn't going to be there. I think I'd die if they were there and I had to pick up another mess.

Well, I think I'm done for today. If I don't comment today, I'll get back on tonight and do it unless I have to go to my gran's house and help out.

Soooo...bye bye. :)

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