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Sunday, March 25, 2007



I haven't updated in a while have I? Haha.

So, this last week has been kinda boring. I had to dress up for yearbook pictures for orchestra on tuesday morning. The lady was supposed to come to the school at 7:30. She ended up not coming till 7:50. And we took like, 20 minutes to set up and eerything and she took 3 pictures and was done... :P

Then on Thursday and Friday, we had testing. We had to take the Terra Nova. I don't know if any body else takes that but, it is sooo boring and not to mention easy. Like, one of the questions in the Cognative Skills part was...

The chair is in the Kitchen.
Don is sitting in the chair.
Where is Don?

...Now, I don't know if anybody else finds that kinda a silly question for a test like that but, yea...

Anyway, I got off from school at 1 on Thursday and then 12:05 in Friday. ..yes... 12:05. I don't know why they couldn't just make it 12. But oh well.

My back hurt a lot from being slumped over in the desk all day. :P

I went over to my friend's house on friday. And we left for Kearny at 2 in the morning. Why? The watch some stupid birds take off. -__-

Yea, in Kearny Nebraska, around this time of year, these cranes come in and yada yada. And at around 6-7 in the morning they awake from their sleep and take flight. ...

And it just so happened at 6:30 in the morning, it started raining. So, we were soaked, cold, and it sucked total ass. So we rented a hotel room and went to sleep while our cloths were in the dryer. Then when we got up, we drove around and saw the cranes in the fields and then watched them land and geh... It was really boring.

And I swear, those birds were laughing at us. I bet they were like, "Oh look at you stupid people standing in the rain. You know where not going to take off right? So haha, you're standing there getting soaked for nothing! Hah!"

Oh oh oh!! There was this ground of people that all had umbrellas and I thought it looked so funny so I told my friend, "Hey look, it's the umbrella mafia!" And I thought if we ever made a band, we should name our band The Umbrella Mafia. XD

Okay, now Im done making you all read alot. haha. Bye bye.

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