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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update etadpU
Hey all! Long time no post. Sorry if I haven't been commenting on any of your posts, I did read them though.

I got some free time last Friday, Sky got his Xbox 360 and his imported copy of Gears of War 2. I love Gears of War! Me and him played Gears 2 for like 8 hours or something, everything about it is bad-ass. Fuyu plays it most of the time now. Any of you played Gears or Gears 2?

Other than that, I've been really busy (again.) Fuyu got into some trouble at school, he beat the crap out of this guy that was bullying him. He got suspended for 1 week. I wish he wold have told me and Sky about it, maybe that kid wouldn't have so many bruises...

Sky has been searching for a new job, he was a Lawyer for America but that didn't work so he had to quit, I keep telling him we would never have to work again thanks to the money my parents left me but he wants to work. I think he just feels weird not providing for his family.

Me on the other hand, finally get to take as much time off as I damn well please, YES! I'll probably just sleep...Later all!

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