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Friday, October 17, 2008

---------------------------The End?---------------------------
Hey all! I think this will be my last post. My family is getting bigger and more time consuming and will continue to be even more time consuming when the baby is born. Yep, I'm pregnant!

I will continue to check my messages so feel free to PM me. I may post again in the future. I hope no one feels angry at my decision, I've made some really good friends here that I will always love like family.

You see, even before I came to theOtaku I've been living on borrowed time, I've had cancer my whole life and every day could be my last, that's why I'm always so happy all the time.

Sky knew this even from the time he was taking care of me and he knows what he's in for if it does get bad (crap, I'm tearing up.)

Fuyu always knew this as well and that's why he's done all he has for me and that's also why he wanted to go with me on that trip around Japan.

Now to reveal the secret behind "Banana Bomb"! It was when I was younger, when my parents were still alive, and every year on my Birthday they would make me a Banana Cake (I love bananas!) and would set off fireworks over a lake by our house. So I took those two things and got Banana Bomb.

My students are starting to leave me now as well, I've taught them all I could and now more will start joining next Summer.

Kuro is still in those mountains somewhere, training his stupid self to "perfection".

Sky is still bedridden with his stab wounds. Fuyu is still dating and growing.

And I am getting tired, I've had a tough life,
I lost my parents, I met Sky, I've traveled across Japan, I met a friend who will always be dear to me, I was attacked in Osaka, I bought a Dojo, I was banned from America, Sky won my case in court; letting me back into America, I married Sky, and I've loved every minute of it.

I hope that all of you will have a great life filled with great people.
I know I did.

---------------------------Later all!---------------------------

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