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Thursday, October 2, 2008

My First Post as a Married Lady!
Hey all! I FEEL GREAT!!! I don't have any pictures or anything developed yet but I should soon. Anyway, let me tell all about our wedding! the wedding was at 3:00pm but I had to get ready around 2:00pm. Then at 3:00 I heard the music and I started to tear up. My Grandfather walked me down the isle. Sky was waiting at the end for me with Fuyu who was my Bride's maid and Sky's best man. Sky's uncle, who is a pastor, married us. When we said I do and kissed I started to tear up more (so did Sky.) Then at the wedding party we cut the cake and I got to know Sky's family. His family isn't racist (only his bitchy sister.) His Mom was really nice, me and her talked for hours. It turns out she likes anime as much as Sky. During the party Sky disappeared for a bit. I found Sky talking on his cell phone on the deck, he was cursing at his Dad. It's a really complicated relationship he has with his Dad. His Dad left him when he was young and then just a couple days before the wedding Sky talked with his Dad via web cam and his Dad apologized for not being a very good Father and he wanted to be a part of Sky's life and they both got teary. But on our wedding his Dad decided he didn't feel like going because it wasn't one of his priorities, so Sky was furious. The party went on for awhile and I only had 2 run-ins with Sky's sister. The first time she called me trash and I kinda slapped her, she got all quiet and walked off, I got applause from Fuyu and Sky. then on the second run-in she said she was sorry for being so mean to me and she gave me a check for a couple thousand. The presents for our wedding were supposed to be sent to some of Sky's family so they could bring it here on the 5th (don't know why) but some people gave us their present in person. Most of it was just money, but we got some pots and pans, some silverware, and some baby clothes (someone wants us to get busy -_-.) then after the wedding Sky surprised me with a honeymoon to Okinawa! So me and him are currently enjoying a nice vacation at Okinawa for a week and Fuyu is gonna stay at our Grandparents' house. My students are gonna watch out Dojo while we're gone. As for Kuro, we got a samurai style letter from him after the party, he left us so he could go train in the mountains, he said he'd return for another friendly duel against me in a few months. Anyway we got to Okinawa late last night and he's still sleeping so I decided I should post now then wake him up. I have a huge day planned for me and him, our first day as a married couple! We were so tired last night about all we did is try and give those baby clothes something to go on (nothing yet.) that's about all for now, Sky just woke up, Later All!

The Emoticon yesterday stood for delight.
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