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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WEDDING DAY!!!!!!!!!! Time during post: 9:16am
Hey all! I've got a little time to post before the wedding (which is at 3:00pm.) I'm so nervous! We gotta go pick up Sky's family at 12:00pm, my Grandparents are already here. My Grandmother gave me her old dress to wear and I was just trying it on, it's a little tight in the chest area so she's fixing it right now. My Grandfather has been talking to Sky for bout an hour now how he better not hurt me, I told him it's okay but he still insists on talking to Sky. Fuyu offered to be my bride's maid (since Sky's sister won't allow my students or best friend to come) despite the awkwardness and I said okay, so now my Godson/Bro is my Bride's maid. I gotta go now, I'll tell about everything tomorrow, Later All!

New thing: What does this Japanese Emoticon stand for?

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