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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Banana Bomb Wedding Update! The Good, The Bad, and Sky's Sister.
Hey all! For those who don't already know, me and Sky's wedding date has changed. Now we're getting married October 1st! I'm so happy/nervous/excited! There's only one thing that really pisses me off, Sky's family decided that only my Grandparents can attend, no butlers, no students, no best friend, no brother/godson. That is the one part that is absolutely crap! My best friend was my bride's maid and she was gonna fly in from America to be here, I'd planned a ton of stuff for us to do and now I can't, thanks to (who I'm guessing the ringleader is) Sky's Sister. Sky tried to raise a fuss about it but his Mom cried, whatever... and another thing why the hell can't Fuyu be here!? Not even Kuro and he was my camera man. I love Sky but hate his racist family. That's about all for now, expect a huge post on Oct. 2nd! Later all!
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