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Monday, September 15, 2008

Banana Bomb: Recovery
Hey all! I'm back after a hell of a crappy week! Sky's sister came to visit us for the week and she's a bitch (and you know she is when I curse about it!) She's a racist person, constantly calling me and Fuyu the "Japs" and her nickname for me was "half-breed" since I'm half Indian, half Japanese. All she did this week is try and make Sky change his mind about marrying me. She was gonna stay a month, but after she punched my broken leg, Sky cussed her out and made her leave. *sigh* On a lighter note, Fuyu's English is almost as good as mine now except he doesn't know how to type or write complete sentences in English. But since his English is improved he and Sky talked together for almost 3 hours yesterday, just like a Father and Son. As for me it's an extra week of healing since Sky's sister hit my leg, WILL IT EVER HEAL!!? *double sigh* That's about it so Later all! <-- it's a catchphrase now.
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