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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Banana Bomb: The Lost Post
Hey all! I just looked at my archives and the post where I explain my broken leg is gone, so I'm gonna retype the post for that day, the 29th. Here it is!

Post for Friday, August 29, 2008
Hey all! I finally got some free time! I had to cancel all my classes because I broke my leg...again. It happened yesterday (the 28th), I was on my way home and I ran into a girl I used to date, we chatted and I told her that I was getting married to a guy. She congratulated me with a pat on the back with made me slip and fall down the jagged hill side...yeeaah. Anyway, I was looking at DaFeather's post (this was her post from that day) and it made me think, what song do I sound like? It's an interesting question, so I asked my students, Fuyu, and Sky and they all made a unanimous decision and I sound like Aya Hirayama's Sayonara Rolling Star! I don't know how I sound like this but that's cool (why a song from Beautiful Katamari?) Anywho, Fuyu was talking to me a little bit about school. He loves English Class because he has me and Sky who can teach him as well. Sky taught me all I know about English, so I guess it's only right he teach Fuyu too. Fuyu said once he learns more English he's gonna get an account here, so look forward to that. that's about all for the day so later all!

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