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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bananananananananananananananana Bomb Update
Hey all! I've finally been given some time to relax and make a post about random stuff. Lately all it's been is Kendo, Wedding, Fuyu, Sky, but now it's all time for me! I've canceled the 3 or so classes I had to do today using rain as the excuse. Relaxing is weird for me because I can't sit still to relax, I gotta move. I don't know why I've been arranging this wedding so much, I've got till May of 09! I wish it'd get here sooner though... In other news, Fuyu and DD broke up, it was Fuyu's longest relationship and now it's gone, I'm kinda relieved, I didn't like her. Yesterday, Sky just now noticed my eyes were two different colors. I mean I kinda forgot, but he's been side by side with me for awhile now and he hasn't noticed one's purple, oh well. Sky just got back from picking up Fuyu so I'm off, later all!

E-mail me! I'm using Sky's live account, but keep it clean for Fuyu's sake.
My e-mail is over on the side or just e-mail me at Gurren@live.com

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