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Monday, August 11, 2008

Banana Bomb and Cloud Envy
Hey all! The bandages are off! I woke up this morning and could see in both eyes, so I called the Doc and he said it was okay to take the bandages off, so I did. My pupil is still purple which is cool, but the damaged eye is a bit darker than the other. Anyway, Aniki is staying at my dojo which is freakin awesome! He finally meet Fuyu. He got here late last Friday and had to sleep off his jet lag the rest of the day. But on Saturday I showed him around town and had him try thousands of different food. He tried soba noodles, pocky, sake (yum), curry etc. Then I introduced him to all of my students and he watched me teach, kinda embarrassing. Some of the girls in my class (and Fuyu) think I and Aniki make a good couple, but that'd be too weird, he's like an older Brother or a Father. But then I started thinking about it, there's only a 5 year difference (that's all the younger or older I like em) and we do have that sort of date bond sometimes. After all that, I taught Aniki the basics of Kendo and then I challenged him, seemed like overkill, so then I had Fuyu (2nd best after teacher) go against him, still overkill. So then I had Aniki go against DD and Aniki didn't wanna hurt a girl (with me he had no choice) then DD nailed him in the crotch and we called it a day...
That's about it for now so later all!

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