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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. RANDOMNESS
Hey all! I'm really happy lately. Yesterday I mostly just laid around the Dojo, Fuyu and DD were watching TV and the weird raccoon visited. I've never mentioned the weird raccoon before have I? Well he's this weird looking red raccoon that comes around sometimes, he likes to be petted like a cat or something. Anyway, great news, I got a call from Aniki and he said that for our B-day he was gonna visit me here in my Dojo, in Japan! I was planning on going there, but he said he wanted me to stay in Japan for our B-day since my students probably wanted to celebrate too. Far as I know my students don't have anything planned, I think Fuyu might have something planned but he usually doesn't do much. But I'm already having a great B-day thanks to ladyjacalyn, she hasn't met me in person but she still drew me a gift, that's so cool. There isn't really much else going on besides that so I guess it's "later all" time...Later all!
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