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Monday, August 4, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Job Searching
Hey all! I'm back after a hectic week! I've been looking for a job. I love my students and everything but I need another job besides Kendo Teacher. I was thinking about that singing job that that one guy offered me but in order to do that I'd have to return to Osaka, so that's a no. So then I thought about making a manga but that's already been perfected in family by my Grandfather. So after racking my brain awhile I decided, I'm gonna travel around Japan again, this time up North. So after school starts for Fuyu (around August 25th) I'm gonna set out and leave him and my students in charge of my Dojo while I hunt for a job. Speaking of Fuyuki, his pervertedness level has gone down thanks to a secret family custom. He's stopped going to every girl with a big bust, he's stopped grabbing, he's even stopped talking about breasts. He's still dating the DD in my class but he's not constantly trying to get in her pants, it's great. That's about it for now, later all!

One last thing, I wanna thank ladyjacalyn again for my early b-day present. You can see it here!

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