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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Marriage!? Again!!??
Hey all! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I got a surprise visit from my Uncle Yamamoto and he told me that he arranged a Marriage for me. But I didn't think he could do that seeing as he isn't my parent or guardian, then he says that he actually was my guardian for a bit but he had my Grandparents take care of me because he's, ya know, a wanted man. Okay so first of all Arranged Marriages suck because you don't choose them and this sucks more because my Uncle Yama doesn't know I like girls more. The man who Uncle Yama wants me to marry is named Paulie and is an upcoming star from Italy who is rich, who knows 6 different languages and who runs one of the biggest families in Italy. Uncle Yama also told me that he and Paulie have also been reading my MyOtaku and know everything about me and how they didn't accept me being a Lesbian and how I need to stop all this stuff I'm doing and start bridal training so I can "please" my future husband. So I kicked Uncle Yama out of MY Dojo as MY students and MY new Girlfriend walked up the trail here. Now to tell about my new Girlfriend, her name is Yumiko and she is the best cook ever, she also loves kids, plus "she cares about what's inside, the body's just a plus". Fuyuki was dumped after Miyabi told DD that Fuyu was just in it for her DD, which is good for me because she'd always find some way to rub it in that she's 5 years younger than me and her boobs are 1 size bigger than mine. So Fuyu's feeling down which means now he'll target my breast, so I'm in for an annoying night. That's it for now, later all.
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