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Friday, July 25, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Kurokawa: Grudge Match 2
Hey all, how's all been? That jerk Kurokawa challenged me again. Here's the full story, Me, Akane, Fuyuki, and Miyabi were all together in my Dojo training. Akane was teaching Miyabi how to make Okonomiyaki and me and Fuyu were sparring (I never lose) and all of a sudden an arrow hits the post close to me with a note on it, Kuro is too into this, he really shouldn't handle things sharper than him if you catch my drift. In the note it said "Hello again K****i K***o, I wish to have a rematch against you at the same place and time as last time, only this time bring your formal garb and a real sword along with a wooden one, see you tomorrow, Kurokawa." Now first of all this letter had too much "time" and he used my real name, which really pisses me off and why a real sword? So anyway I called him up and asked him exactly what he meant, ruining the effect of his challenge which really makes him mad (which is always fun for me), and I have to go to the island in the middle of the lake at the same time only tomorrow and I must bring a wooden and steel sword as well as my students and I have to wear "formal garb". So tomorrow I gotta kick his ass again, I win he leaves, he wins he dates me. So I'll tell all on Monday, later all!
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