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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Randomness
Hey all! I'm feeling great! I got the best sleep in my life last night, it was dead quiet outside of my Dojo except for the rain. My day wasn't very eventful yesterday, it was mostly me and Akane hanging out, at least now she knows what being a lesbian's like. Fuyuki on the other hand keeps asking what I want for my Birthday, I don't really want anything, I'll probably just visit Aniki. Both mine and Aniki's Birthdays are on the same day (August 17th) so I'm sure that'd be a great gift both ways. I was asked a question yesterday, it was "If you had to explain what you looked like to a man who was blind, what would you say?" Simple enough, until you finish explaining and the old guy asks a thousand more questions. I'll just tell it all. I was waiting for the train yesterday and there was an old (you guessed it) blind guy sitting next to me, he asks me that question. I say "I'd tell them my height, that I'm half Japanese, half Indian to explain my accent, that I have a tattoo on my right arm and on the right of my stomach, that I have a scar across my face and through my stomach and that I'm wearing a midriff and jeans." Then the old guy says "What if the blind person has seen colors before?" I said "Then I'd tell them I have tan skin, blond hair, and green eyes." The old guy then says "What if the man doesn't know what a certain article of clothing is?" I respond "Then I'd compare it to something else." The the old fart says "What's your boob size, I bumped them earlier and couldn't tell?" I got pissed and walked away, leaving him talking to himself. I swear the men in Japan are the biggest pervs in the world. That's about it, later all.

Now it's your turn,
how would you answer those questions?

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