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Friday, July 18, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Moving in
Hey all, how's all been? I've actually been feeling great even though America cast me off. Fuyu and Miyabi are going strong, I just wish Fuyu would stop using my money on his dates. My dojo's getting a makeover today, right now I'm here waiting for the cable guy, the electric guy, the water guy, and the plumbing guy. Then tonight me and my students are gonna clean it up and have a party. Fuyuki and Miyabi are the only other ones here currently, but little do they know, I'm gonna drag them down to the shopping district so we can get my big screen TVs and move them in here, with Miyabi being here Fuyu's gonna wanna show off so he won't refuse. It's been a HUGE urge to me to pants Fuyu in front of Miyabi, I dunno why. Trial update: "nothing yet but getting close" says Aniki. That's about it, until Monday, later all!
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