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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Moving out
Hey all! The Dojo is mine! I bought it last night! Now to fix it up! Around 5:00pm tomorrow all 17 of my Kendo students (11 girls, 6 boys) are supposed to meet me and Fuyu at the bottom of the mountain so we can all head up to my Dojo together. We're gonna fix it up then all stay together in it overnight, kinda like a homecoming party I suppose. I can tell my students really care about me and that feels really good, they're like my own little family. Now as for Fuyuki, he has a girlfriend and she's one of my students. Her name is Miyabi and she's the quiet type, not easily angered, but when she is pissed it's actually really scary and surprisingly she's only a B cup (Fuyu didn't go for the DD in my class!?) Anyway, that's good for him, but as for me, I've been thinking of dating but I'm still not sure, I have no luck with men. There's this one girl that works in the shopping district that I really like, but I'm afraid what my students might think about they're teacher being bi, what a pain. Now as for the America thing, I got some of my stuff back yesterday, not including my Vespa. Aniki has another case he's working on lately so I couldn't get a hold of him last night to find out about mine. That's about it for the day, later all!
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