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Monday, June 23, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. ROADBLOCKS!!!
Hey all! We had to stop at a hospital again! My wound started to bleed pretty bad again so I went to get it looked at. The doctors did an unstitching/stitching in order to check inside the cut. They said it should be okay now, it just came loose, they said I probably put some kind of strain on the cut (probably my singing that one night). I'm still coughing up blood too, but they told me the same thing the others did, "That should stop when it's fully healed", that doesn't make it less annoying! Anyways me and Fuyu are doing good, we've mostly recovered from the Osaka Crisis, he still has to sleep next to me, what a pain, but I love him. We finally made it to a beach! But I couldn't swim because of my injury! So instead Fuyu went swimming and I got a nice tan. Tomorrow me and Fuyuki are gonna take a cruise over to Oita, I can't wait! Later all!
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