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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Banana Bomb VS. A Possible Career?
Hello everybody!!! I was offered a full-time job!
Not in Manga, not in Anime, I was offered a job in singing! It started last night me and Fuyu were at a Karaoke bar (how dumb, I know) and I got up to sing a song called "Ready!" (this was a song in a One Piece OVA) and I nailed it. Then before I left some guy stopped me and told me I sounded like the actual singer then he told me (and showed me proof) he indeed was not fake. He asked me to come down to the studio and record what I just sang in front of his boss. So I went with him and recorded just that one song and sung in front of his boss and his boss liked me. I was given the CD with the song I recorded (I had a friend upload it on imeem, surprisingly there wasn't an original of that song on imeem) So that song you're hearing now is me. I didn't wanna use my real name on the song so my friend just put down One piece for that, I'm kinda shy. Anyway his boss, Brooke, said I could make one record and see how things go, but in order to do that I'd have to go to the official studio in OSAKA! So I might think about doing a album when I go back through Osaka to go home but for now it's just the one song that's playing now. Later all!

After note, it seems that my friend didn't upload that song yet so that would be the original one you're hearing, but they sound alike so just imagine that's my version. I'm gonna try and get mine up here sooner or later.

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