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Monday, June 16, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Figure Army
Hey all! I'm finally in Kurashiki, now I can relax until I set off towards Miyazaki (which is a little over 400 miles from where I am now). Anywho I've been okay lately, my side's still bugging the hell outta me, plus I've been coughing up blood still. I went to the hospital here to see if that was a bad thing, they told me it would be okay, it's normal after an internal injury, then they said "Come in here and we'll do some tests" I ran for it. There is no way I'm gonna be bed ridden for a little blood! Me and Fuyu have been staying at Kato's for now. Kato's a really sweet guy, he's given us beds and food, even though he's poor as it is. He collects those female figurines, (that's probably why he's broke) he has us in a room full of them, it's really creepy, they're all turned so they're looking at the center of the room, like they're gonna kill us in our sleep. Those figures just better not make Fuyu a collector. That's bout all for now, later all!
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