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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. A Fresh Start
Hello all! I was laying here this morning thinking, I can't let this rattle me so bad. Yes, it was a horrible thing but, I made it. Anyway the doctors say I'll be good to go tomorrow, the internal injury wasn't serious, they said it's already healed. As for my ribs they are mended but I need to be careful and then there's that whole hole in my side, they said that should stay sealed up now. So as of tomorrow it's a fresh start! I talked to Fuyuki about this, it shook him up too, but then I talked to him about how I was okay and told him I wasn't gonna let it hurt me and he seemed okay. Now if this ever happens again, I'm prepared, I talked to a friend of mine who lives in Kurashiki and he's gonna set me up with a friend of his to get me a gun. Until I get that gun, I'm still gonna be cautious, then when I get the gun I'll feel a lot safer (while still being a little cautious but not so much I become skitso). Thanks for the support everyone (all one of you, but she's a great friend). Until tomorrow, later all!
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