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Saturday, March 18, 2006

  Hey all you myO friends. Well i just thought that i might update coz im bored...haha. Anyways how r u alls and how has ur wkend bn??? Well for me so far so gd. I had work today YAY money and then i just stayed home so yer hopefully tomorrow would be better :D

Well i changed my bg haha i thought ill have a kenshin and tomoe theme coz they were so cute together in SamuraiX....anyways imma watchin dearS at te moment. Has anyone seen it...probz not coz itz not very popular buh itz soooo funny.

hhmmm....oh yer we have sports day soon. not very exciting buh u know u get a day of school :D Imma not doing anything in it though just table-tennis YAY! ! ! well this has gotte be one of the longest blog thingy i've ritten in a while.

Anyways talk to you all later.

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