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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 06/24/05:
Yeah!Bubble-bath! *dives into bubbles and tears off clothes* Everyone: *instantly snaps their eyes shut*

A warm bath is the right for you!
Bubble-Bath! Lay back and enjoy the power of water.
Listen to music or have a drink during the bath
and you'll feel like new person!

What 'Cheer-up Action' on a bad day do you need?
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Result Posted on 06/24/05:
Yup! Kittens are cute and I own one!*face shadows over* And yes, she does show me her claws...

Your ideal pet is a cat!
CAT! Meow... Elegant,with an own will. Cats are
cool and they are independent. When they want
to cuddle they come and if you want to, and the
kitty won't, it will show you her claws.

What's your ideal pet? .._..contains Anime pictures.._..
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Result Posted on 06/16/05:

You are Everybody's Fool! You are easily
aggrivated, and tend to have an envy streak.
And if someone steals your
boyfriend/girlfriend? I DON'T wanna be around
when that problem is adressed!

What Evanescence Song Represents You?
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Result Posted on 06/16/05:
Yet more with the virtues, eh?

You are Faith! Trying to look on the bright side of
things, you put every ounce of trust in what
you do. Pray every night and keep on being

What Virtue Are You? Nice Pics.
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Result Posted on 06/16/05:

The carnival! You are fun, and fiesty, and people
admire your total I-don't-care-what-you-think

~ What Location Represents You? (cool pics)~
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Result Posted on 06/15/05:

You got Hiei. Cold, lonely, strong and handsome.
You would stay with Hiei! Go you!!! His first
thought was that you wasn't so strong but you
was very beautiful. Now he knows that you're
strogn and you still beautiful. He wants to
stay with you, even if he doesn't demonstrate.
The hot fire demon wants you!!!

If you were on Urameshi Team, who would you like to be with and what does he think of you?
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Result Posted on 06/15/05:
Heh heh! I luv that pic!

come on
Hiei, my second fav guy! Awsome you got the silent
and lone one! He seems to like your attitude
and the way you treat him with respect, which
makes him like you more. But won't admit to
that matter, but don't worry 'cause you'll
brake that sheild of his one day! YAY!!!

Blind Date In Yu Yu Hakusho! ( With Pics! ^_^ )
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Result Posted on 06/15/05:

(Yusuke: Hey, do you want to hang out?) Yusuke has just dubbed you King/Queen of COOL!
You're tough to the end and the first one to
make a come back to an insult! You have a
heart, but basically you just DO WHAT YOU
WANT...all the time!

Which Yu Yu Hakusho boy would think you're cool?
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Result Posted on 06/15/05:

You should marry Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho! Hiei's a
silent loner, but then again that just fits you
fine! You understand your guy and he
understands you perfectly. Just because things
aren't said between you two doesn't mean they
aren't there. Hold onto your Hiei because he's
quite a catch!

Which Anime Hottie Should You Marry? (for girls and with pics)
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Result Posted on 06/15/05:

In your eyes, people see shards of ice
everywhere... You are cold and distant, pushing
away people that love you and truely care for
you! You want to be able to reach out and love
them but... You can't for some reason... You're
just too.... You :P Underneath that cold
exterior lies a warm, happy soul that wants to
let loose and have fun! Your sanctuary would
probably be anywhere up high where you can look
down on life below you, like the roof of an
apartment building... Your eyes resemble a
saddened, crestfallen person seeking out
attention, but doesn't know how to handle it.
However, you do find comfort from your friends,
they're always there for you, and they know the
REAL you :) Even though you do seem rather
cold, you can be very protective over something
you truely believe in or love. Let go of that
"tough" rep and just be you! It's
impossible to live life without some fun and
love ^-^

What Lies Behind Your Eyes?
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