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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Oh yeah!!!B-day time!!
My birthday is coming up!Only FIVE more days till it-May 15!!!HAHAHAHAH!Who should I torture as my birthday present to myself..?Hmmm....
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Monday, May 9, 2005

Are you evil?
You're 50% evil!! You're half and half... Some days you're all for
helping others, and some days you just wish
they'd die. You often TRY to be pure evil, just
to have that tough attitude, but it rarely
works out (somehow you always manage to do
something good). Sorry, but you're not that

What's your level of evil...ness?
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You're Hiei! You're an ex-demon thief with a big
attitude. Usually you act as though you're
better than everyone else in all worlds. You
threaten people to keep them in line. Yet you
do have a soft spot in you; you stick to your
word and you don't break alliances. Your weapon
is a sword, and a move Dragon of the Darkness
Flame (which you pull off by using a fake eye
called the Jagun Eye). You're considered the
moody or sometimes violent member of Team
Urameshi- But you always end up suprising the
team with acts of loyalty. You Rock!

Which Yu Yu Hakusho Character are you?
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Sunday, May 1, 2005

F is for Fun
L is for Luxurious
I is for Influential
P is for Patriotic
P is for Perfect
Y is for Young

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Your Life In Fruits Basket by black_rose
User Name
Person Who Is Your Best FriendHatsuharu
Person Who Is Madly In Love With YouShigure
Does Akito love you?Yes.
Type Of Life You HaveCheerful
What Will The Person Who Love You Do With You?Hug you.. a LOT.
And Your Best Friend?He'll do the same as what your lover's doing. XD
The Person Who Will Comfort You The MostHatori
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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Saturday, April 2, 2005

Isn't Kurama so cool!?*squeal*

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Cursor from http://mad-html.com
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Hiei!!Your Hiei's soul mate!!This shocks him as
much as it shocks me!!!He acts like he doesn't
need you or like you.But deep in his heart he
loves you and he'll protect you from any sort
of danger!He'd never cheat on you and hopes you
love him as much as he loves you!!

Who's Your Soul Mate?::Based on Anime::For Boys and Girls!!
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Yay!!Who's yer soul mate!?!Huh!?

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   You may have a problem with my colorfull background,and I think I do to...but anyways,I like the color white ok!!!And I think it looks pretty^__^
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   In need of a name!Heeelllp!!
I cant think of any pet names.What do you think of the name Kira for a black cat?Or Chii?AHHHHH!*pulls out hair*Why don't you vote on it!?If you have any good ideas please tell me!
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