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Hi everyone!!!. Well my name is Yénesis but some ppl call me Yeni or Yeye ^_^ lol Im 20 years old and im from Puerto Rico hmm.. i think everything is in my profile lol anyway before you go plz if you want sign my gb and if you want add me as a friend and ill do the same ^_^ well cya!!! Hey and dont forget to see my twin sis site "Sigizi" ^_^!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

   *coming out of the tomb* IM ALIVE!!! >:3

WOW! how long has it been since my last post...what?!!! a year?!!! O_o probably lots of people must have forgot about me ^^; lol. anyways, since im back i hope to be more here this time ^^. Well what could i say i been studying and working, recently i got another job, so now i got two X_x need moneh, i dont have my dog anymore :( i had to give to someone to take care of him becuz i couldn't, at least i know he's okay -___- *sigh*. Well other things i been doing is seeing television series and i must say: YOU HAVE TO SEE "HEROES"!!!!! this serie kick ass! is awesome! oh and Prison Break is really good too. Hmm...what else?... i dont know what more to say lol so ill be going now, im gonna do my best to visit everyone ^^ well cya laterz!!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Wassup! wow long time! XD jeez with all the school i havent had time for anything *sigh* i even didnt have summer, it was school and more school, well college to be more precise XD. So what else can i say...well i can say that i saw The Covenant the last sunday and it was pretty cool i prefer underworld thou ^^; btw probably im gonna work soon in video ave. (i need da money -_-; lol). aaanyway what else can i say.....well i can say that im doing pretty good with my classes, i luv all the classes!! i got digital photography, digital audio, Ancient Civilitation and a class of Advertising. so anyway i guess ive been pretty good this months besides all the problems that i had but oh well everyone have problems so ill just take it easy ^^ well got to go now, i need to wash my dog XD he stinks lol.cya!

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Sunday, June 11, 2006


Hiya everyone!! omg long time again i dont post! man ive been really busy O_o. im studying even in summer T_T yeah..i dont have summer vacations! X_X *cries*. But oh well sry i havent been in my otaku for so long!! please forgive me!.

Well today i didnt did much i just went to walmart to buy food and i was planning of renting some movie but guess what! one of the tire didnt have air T_T why!!!? *sigh* tomorrow im gonna have to wake up early to go and fix it -___-; but oh well theres nothing i can do now. oh btw i check porfolio and i didnt know that i was a senior otaku >_< cool!! i feel important XD LOL btw thanks tito for remind me, that yeah my one year anniversary was in april 30!! thats so cool!! i totally forgot XD. well, im gonna check other people site's ok? ~__^ well cya later!! *hugs*

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