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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Posting before school starts >.
LA LI HO~!! =)

Aha, last night I watched White noise and hide and seek xD I know those movies are old now, but I still didn't get a chance to see them until last night!! My brother was watching Hide and seek together last night, and he was scared stiff xD ahaa. It was a funny movie =)

Anyways, I just got my hands on gunbound, and I'm getting Final Fantasy:Advent children, and final fantasy VII:last order soon. Weee~!! Can't wait!! =) My friend better remember to bring it xDD

I'm also starting to download Peach girl, the manga looked interesting, never read it y self though, so I thought maybe I should watch Peach girl. Yehh...so that's what I'm doing lately.

School's been a bitch, and giving me a billion sheets for homework, and I barely have time to do anything. School seems to drag on forever, and when I get home, time seems to go by so fats =/

Well. i got to get, school's starting soon. Byeee

-- Baby pwencess

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