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Saturday, October 1, 2005

Ahaa I'm back from teh dead!! xDD
Don't you people just LOVE me? Ahaa, I'm sick..again <_<;;; And while I'm sick, I'm on a quest to get more Mp3's than my cousin!! Ahaaahaha. He has a little bit over 2000, so...I MUST BEAT HIM >=( Lmao, you're probably wondering why I'm even doing this, but it's a bet, and I NEVER back down a bet that's..actually not something crazy -____-;;;
Yah...and at the moment, I only have 324 mp3's -___-;;; my gawd, i have a LONG way to go xDD

What do you guys think of my new background?? Beautiful isn't it? And no, i did not make it myself xD I can't make a decent background even if my life counted on it. Avatars are okay to make thoughh...only if i have the proper stuff <_<;;

Last about three weeks ago, I just found the best store EVERR, that store, sold MANGA 6, SIX of them for only twenty dollars!!!! xDDD That was awesome, so cheap, I'm DEFINATLY going back there soon.

School's started for about a month now, and I have the MEANEST teacher in the whole school T__T she's so strict...buh thank god, I'm a naturally quiet person during lesson's so she doesn't really...get mad at me, and i hope it stays that way. Everyone's like afraid of her, even the worst of the people in my class is quiet (At least semi-quiet) around our homeroom teacher. xDD

Well...there isnt anything else i have to type in here, so I guess, I'm gonna go..yeah..ciao people >P

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