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Sunday, August 21, 2005

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Hey Guys, school's been a total bitch, well mostly some of the kids anyways. And changed the theme, its been like forever since I did a Black and White theme, the ones I remember was the Won Bin and Seto One, this one is the So Ji Seop theme, I just love him, though I'm still trying to fix the codes, its pretty much messed up right now, and the music takes forever to load. Well i'm gunno be kinda busy today, I'll try top return Guestbook entires and PM's as soon as possible, I havent been anserwing any in weeks, sorry about that. Yes and I'll get to sites today. Oh and I got the Initial D the Movie! for my Birthday(the one with real people), they got Edison Chen, Jay Chou to star in it, a Bunch of money, Inuyasha; Naruto; DNAngel; Mangas, and cloths. Okay I'll shut up and tune in for now, got so much homework to do.

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