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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Time of Post:12:13
Mood:Annoyed and Cranky
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Last Anime/Movie Saw:Samurai Champloo Epi. 8

Avatar Of The DayNot much, just woke up from a good long nap, before my Nephew woke me up, with his loud and annoying cry -_-, just been working on my Music Site lately, thanks ya who Visted and Made your Marky in my Guestbook ^^, 15 more days until school, I've noticed that alot of you guys started school a little earleir(august 3rd I believe?). Today was pretty much funny, my Brother's(Lei) pet parrot died(god I hate that darn thing!), at first we thought he died of stravation, since our Cousins came yesterday, he didnt get a chance to feed him his third meal, yeah and my mom wouldnt let him stay in the house, so it happens we had to put him outside, and these 3 cats came and tried to get inside the cage, and today, he died, my brother was like, he didnt die of starvation, he died from a Heartattack from those 3 cats!, Oh yeah, and sorry if I didnt get to your sites yesterday, I'll get to all of them today. Okay bye bye. Take Karez.