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Saturday, July 30, 2005

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Avatar Of The DayWOW! I come back and its 1 day till my MyO anniversary! *Dammit Totally Forgot!* well aniwaise the feneral is finally over!!!!, I thought it would last a week but it was only 4 days -_-, sorry nothing much to post, I pretty much feel like bitchen at some people that don't know how to read the rule "I will only be willing to help people with HTML, that are on my friends list", *Its in english HELLO!, you guys can probably tell I got tired of being a HTML helper, after reciving 12 PMS a day from Strangers, its like you think they would learn after the First PM was egnored *geez*. Aniwaise I saw Fantatic Four, and I gatta say that Movie was Cool, it wasnt what I expected but Cool. I Kinda liked War Of the Worlds better. My Oldest Brother(Xing), the one in College is coming home today for his Summer Break(been at least 5 months since we've seen him), so sorry if I don't get to your sites. Alright Now for the Question of the Day, Who is your Favorite Asian Actor and Actress?

My Anserw:
Actor:WON BIN IS STILL #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actress:JEON JI HYUN(You Just gatta Love her hard Core Attitude in "WINDSTRUCK" and "MY SASSY GIRL" and her Sweetness in "HAPPY TOGETHER")