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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Time of Post:12:25PM
Listening to:Knocking on Heaven's Door
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Avatar Of The DayHey I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!, Although, some of you can care less, but who cares I Don't!, BUT Damn! I got so Much catching up to do!, I'll try to vist you all today, I just got back from the feneral(but soon I have to go back, just came home to get some rest and some cloths), i thought i should post since I had the chance, havent gotton much sleep for the past couple days, had to stay up, and help take kare of my Nephew, so I pretty much feel like Hell at the Moment.Aniwho I' might be able to get on MSN for a few hours, before going back(to the Church). This will probably be my last post as of rite now. Okay Bye Bye, Take Karez.*Oh yeah and thanks ya for ya Kind Words hugs all*, I got bored with The Kira and Lacus bg, and just Changed it over to SE7EN! a Theme for my Buddy Dany(Sw33tz).