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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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Time of Post:1:22PM
Mood:Kinda Down and Sad
Listening to:Full House Theme Song
Last Anime/MovieSaw:Inuyasha Epi. 45

Hey Ya Feel Crappy, Just Woke up about an 30mins ago, from a phone call, my Coolest Uncle I've ever known just got a Stroke today at midnight, and I'm heading to the hospital in a jeifey!, I got to everyone's sites yesterday *Yeah Finally*, I'm pretty much getting tired of this Daisuke theme, I might change it sometime this Week, Friday or So. My Friend pretty much came over, we just went bike riding in the park and stuff *with the 6 pounds I gained, I must have at least lost one for the bike ride*. Question of the Day: Have You Ever Been So Happy the day School Let Out, but then Felt Bored the Next Couple of Days and Wished School Would Start?, Sorry I Might not get to any Sites Today, due to my Unle being in the hospital, my Sister in Law just Came home and now This!, Well Take Kare.

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