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Monday, July 18, 2005

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Time of Post:8:51AM
Listening to:Bring Me To Life
Last Anime/MovieSaw:Samurai Champloo Epi. 8

The Slumber party was fun, watched scary movies, told ghost stories, and any other things you would do regularly at slumber parties. Glad you guys liked the new changes, got my Hair cut today, its kinda short, but hell, and died Black. Aniwaise went to the Theather to see "War of the Worlds", and I gatta it was Good, and I mean Really Good, the action and everything(but its a person's opioin rite?), Sorry But I'm To Crancy to Keep on Typing.........*falls asleep*.............oh Wait question of the Day:If You Could Have anything In the World what Would it Be?

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