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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Avatar Of The DayUPDATES!

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Sorry For not Getting to your Sites yesterday, the Day before, and so on and so forth, My Sister In Law's delevery went Well, although it was earlier than Planned, everythings good though, Oh and Just a Little Thing, I just want to tell ya that I might not be around alot, im pretty much gunno have to help take care of my Baby Nephew, well after My Sister in law goes back to work. Aniwase I got an E-mail from my Coach saying that I Made the team, *crap, my intensions were right, god does hate me, im really am going to hell*. Well Went to the Game corner yesterday, with my friends, and I was playing poker and so was my Friend Jason, he was winning every time, when this one Showoff Dude, just came up to him and said "You Damn Chinese go back to China" this place aint for you azn people, so get the hell out of here, and I was like uh excuse me?, who the hell do you think you are talking to my friend like that?, are the fucken Manager are something!?!, oh and for one thing my friend is not a fucken Chinese, he's a fucken Hmong you Son of a Bitch!, you stupid piece of white trash!(no offense), what's your fucken problem anyway, me and my friend are here minding my own fucking business and you come up start bitchen in his face, why are so fucken jealous over a game, just cause he wins everytime, if you werent so fucken deperate to show off in front of your fucken girlfriend how good you are at playing poker, I wouldnt be in your ugly ass face now would I ?!?, and anyway I may be fucken shorter than you but I aint gunno stand here and let you Bitch at my Friend like that, and for one thing its not like he's trying to take your Girlfriend, you make it seem like when a guys trying to take your girlfriend by winning at Poker all the time, andhe's not intrested in your Slutty BITCH! for one thing, and I wouldnt be Bitchen at you rite now, if you werent trying to act so Cool in front of your GF, and doing what you just did to my Friend a while ago, so my edvice is Get a Fucken Life White Boy!, and you better get the hell out of my friend's Site!, and he didnt say anything and turned around to his girlfriend, yeah I know I got kinda carried away with my Language, but I can't stand it when those type of people do that to my Friends, I just hate it!, aniwho A Daisuke Theme is Coming up on Sunday or Monday, Sorry if i dont get to your Sites, My Computer has been Shutting Down on Me Lately, and Slowing down, I'll try though, lets see Question of the Day....................Who's Your Favorite Anime Couple(s)?

My Answer: Kira and Lacus

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