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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Last Anime or Movie Watched:Vampire Hunter D
Date:May 24, 2005
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Follow me into the darkness...Hey Guys Havent been posting for a while, well some of you know about me Leaving TheO soon, i can't decide when though *sigh*, got Soccer Practice Tomorrow, Got to Mow 2 Lawns, and Babysit for 2 1/2 Hours, Part of Me wants to stay but the Other wants to leave, well hopefully I'll think of Something -_-. I dunno i guess im just stressed out lately, and kinda depressed. I changed the layout to, hope you guys like it, the bg sometimes dosent show up for some reason, but sometimes it does. Well aniwaise on Constance's Contest, Thanks to those who Voted for Me ^^, Well If you havent Voted yet, do so by PMing Her

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