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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sorry i havent been posting, stupid Final Testing Exams, this weeks over with but, we still have one more week of testing, how boring, Well aniwaise its still going keep choosing the theme You guys want next(It'll be Put up May 26):
Chi of Chobits-7
Itachi of Naruto-3
Sakura and Syaoran of Card Captor Sakura-2
Vaan and Ashe of FF-12-1
Aniwase this Post is Gunno be Short, Dunno what else to post but a Question of the Day:Who's Your Favorite X-Man(May choose more tahn One)

Sai's Anserw:
1. Phoenix
2. Nightcrawler
3. Gamlit

I belong in...


Home of pretty boys and pyros.

In which of the Three Kingdoms do you belong?

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