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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Man, how long has it been?, well sorry if i Worried most of ya, though some of you that have MSN probably knew where i was, got 5/9 games to play saving the others for Maybe Winter..., close to beating One, so Far. Well aniways, ill try to vist ya Today, got 3 more Weeks of school left, can't wait but its only 2 weeks for me though, goin to South Florida. I got to many PM's and E-Mails, so ill probably up all Night. See Ya. Missed All Ya Muchies! *HUGS*, Thank you to those who visted me though i didnt Post.(I decided to end the K x L Season)
Aniwasie I'm Not sure about The next Theme Yet, Yall Decide

Chi of Chobits
Itachi of Naruto
Sakura and Syaoran of Card Captor Sakura
Vaan and Ashe of FF-12

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