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Monday, March 28, 2005

I dont really like this Seto Theme that much anymore i might change it sometime this Spring Break, and i might not be here after tomorrow, got some stuff to do. Did everyone have a nice Easter yesterday?, heh i just ate lots of candy, thats about it, sorry for a short post. Here's a Quiz for You guys:(A Do You Quiz ^^)

[[--DO YOU--]]

1) Smoke? No
25 Take Showers? Yes
26) Want to go to College? Yes
27) Want to get Married? No
28) Lie? Depends
29) Cry during Movies? If the Movie is Sad, Yes
30) Believe in Yourself? Maybe....
31) Believe in Love at First Sight? Naw
32) Consider Yourself a Good Listener? When I'm bored I don't
33) Consider yourself a Good Friend? Yes
34) Get along with your Parent(s)? Depends
35) Write in cursive or Print? Depends on who I'm writting it To.
36) Save e-mails or Conversations? Sometimes
37) Pray? No
38) Like to Make fun of People? Depends on who's the Person
39) Like to talk on the Phone? Depends, but not Really
40) Get motion Sickness? No
41) Dream in Color? Don't Know what that is but No

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