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Saturday, February 5, 2005

Sorry I wasnt here yesterday, Schools Been Like Hell these time of Days, Math Counts as been A pain in ass As well, The Darn Competition is This Sunday, now I Have to Cancel my Trip to the Movies with my Friends, this sucks so Much, the teacher tells use rite after weve planned our Weekend, just for Math counts i no were not Gunno Win were tied in 3rd Place with East Mc Dowell and Table Rock, yeah but theirs still a Chance to Win, I sure Hope. Well I guess my Weekend will be Good, My parents are Out, My Brothers(Zing and Kasu) and Sister-In Law are at Work, and My Brother Lei is Spending The Weekend at His Friend's, So I get the house to Myself for quite a While. Aniwaise I'm Afraid This Might Be My Last Post For a While, TheO is just getting kinda Old for Me These Days. I'll Try to Get To Everyone's Sites Today.
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