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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Hey guys sorry for not being here yesterday, and HAPPY GROUND HOGS DAY EVERYBODY, aniwaise i was busy with my school work i only got to a Couple of Sites when i got on the PC, i made a little table down their at the bottom(in the quiz results), okay thats all, i have to rite a short post in order to get some time to all your guys sites, and do my Homework ^-^

Question Of The Day: Who Is Your Favorite Game Couple?
Sais Anserws: Leon X Ashely(Resident Evil 4), Steve X Claire(Resident Evil: Code Veronica X), Chris X Jill(Resident Evil 1), Rebecca X Billy(Resident Evil 0), Cloud X Tifa(FF7), Yuna X Tidus(FFX), Zidane X Garnet(FF9), Biatrex X Steiner(FF9) and alot More....

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