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Monday, January 31, 2005

Yes Today Is The Day I Announce the Winner and it is....Constance with 14 Votes and SesshTaisho with 13 Votes, It Was So Close, I Think alot of poeple was scared to put their vote in my Comments and Pmed Me instead, Congrats Constance!, Yes I added the points that Matsuo and Constance had when they went into the Finals with the Points that they earned during the Final Round of The Contest, Thats all for now, oh and if you didnt post yesterday or wasnt on TheO, cause i posted a picture of Me (Just Click on Archieves), Today was kinda Crappy, the Snowed dried up Sunday Afternoon, so we had to go to school, yeah i didnt finish my Chemistry project,i only finished half of it (i probably got a 30%), and yes my Aunts back home now, my parents are gunno be going to see her this weekend, while i stay home with my Pesky Annoying but Cool brothers and Sister-In Law. Okay see Ya Guys!

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